Protect Your Mass Scale IoT Networks

How It Works

ShieldIOT enables service providers, IoT brands and integrators to secure large complex connected device networks. Explore how ShieldIOT automatically detect the first signs of cyber attacks and operational events.


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Solution Benefits

With X9 more IoT cyber-attacks in 2019, unknown malware, DDoS and ransomware attacks represent an escalating threat to critical IoT networks, leading to brand damage, privacy and data theft, massive financial losses and even loss of life. 

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Secure and Manage Your IoT Gateways and Connected Sensors

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  • 30 days trial – free no obligation
  • Support up to 5 gateways
  • Connect up to 100 sensors per gateway
  • Same day product validation
  • Dedicated telephone and video conference support

Proof-of Concept Capabilities

Get direct access to ShieldIOT platform functionality, including multi-layer device-level protection, combined with cloud-based centralized management and control.

Gateway-Level Functionality

  • Network protection with device-level Firewall.
  • Application protection with application sandboxing.
  • Key resource protection (cpu, memory, disk).
  • OS protection with secured low attack surface Linux OS.
  • Data protection with granular disk encryption.
  • Policy-based gateway-level threat prevention.
  • Gateway-connected sensors discovery and visualization.

Management and Control

  • Centralized management web application.
  • Security life cycle management (devices, alerts and policies).
  • OTA updates for application, firmware OS image and policies.
  • Gateway and sensors visibility metrics, logs and key resources.
  • Device access and remote control via SSH tunnel.
  • Monitoring device metrics and health system resources.
  • Centralized logging.

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