Secure Your Mass Scale IoT Networks

Shield-IoT provides real-time cyber security and operational monitoring anomaly detection software solutions to protect any IoT device, application or network.


Automatically detect the first signs of unknown cyber attacks and operational events

Leverage the world’s first coreset-AI anomaly detection solution to seamlessly enable accurate analytics at mass scale, to prevent any threat to your device networks.

Service Providers

Create new revenue streams with value-added services.

IoT Device

Deliver new cloud-based security and monitoring services.

> 0 Bn
Connected devices
by 2025
$ 0 Bn
IoT connectivity services market
by 2025 (Gartner)
0 Bn
IoT cyber attacks in
H1/2021 (Kaspersky)
0 %
of devices vulnerable to
medium-high attacks


Monitor and secure mass-scale B2B IoT/IIoT networks,
reduce operational costs and generate new revenue streams.

Secure Any Device and Application

Context-free accurate real-time detection to secure any IoT device, application or network.

Gain Unlimited Scalability

Seamless scalability to support millions of devices with zero-loss coreset data compression.

Boost Your Business Performance

Value-added security and predictive analytics services to generate new revenues and reduce operational costs.


“Shield-IoT’s innovative approach to anomaly detection enables Akamai to provide accurate analytics at mass-scale to enhance our IoT cybersecurity and operational monitoring service”

Ramanath Mallikarjuna, Chief Strategist at Akamai Technologies


Powerful AI-Driven Coreset Anomaly Detection

“In Shield-IoT we have found a company with exciting technology that is designed to secure any grid device in any topology at scale”.

Dr. Christof Kortz, Head of Innovation at E.ON


Shield-IoT is 20 times more accurate than other solutions.

1 Minute

Reduce threat prevention time from hours and days to minutes

Millions of Devices

Unlimited  scale with coreset
million-to-20 data compression.

Leading the Way in IoT Security

Shield-IoT ranked by as one of the
Top 10 Coolest IoT Security Companies for 2022. 5th April 2022


Simple to Deploy, Easy to Use

Shieild-IoT software solutions are deployed across a wide range of  industry use cases and applications. Our purpose-built IoT security management solution provides continuous threat mitigation with no changes to your network.

Smart Grid
Smart Cities
Connected Transport
Connected Buildings
Industry 4.0
Smart Logistics

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