Agent-less IoT Security:

Any Device, Any Threat, Any Scale

Monitor and secure any SIM-based connected device or application with a Ready-to-Go SaaS service


Unleash New Business Opportunities with a
Ready-to-Go IoT Security Service

Shield-IoT protects cellular IoT and industrial IoT networks and transforms escalating enterprise IoT security threats into revenue-generating opportunities for MNO and MVNO connectivity providers. With Shield-IoT, connectivity providers can now offer IoT security to create differentiation, win new business and generate new revenue streams from both existing and new customers.

New Revenue

Monetize your cellular and 5G IoT network with a unique security offering. Gain a competitive advantage and win new business. Easily drive enterprise sales with zero touch same-day customer PoCs.

Security & Privacy

Protect sensitive customer data, personal information and critical services. Comply with GDPR and security regulations with continuous IoT network monitoring combined with automated compliance reporting.

Service Offering

One-time simple integration, with no need for any device installations or network changes, enabling quick service roll-out, across any SIM-connected device or application, at unlimited scale.


Single Centralized Solution for Any Type of IoT Application


”Security will be a critical success factor in the deployment of nearly six billion cellular IoT devices estimated to be in use by the end of 2026”

Ericsson Mobility Report

IoT connectivity services market by 2025 (Gartner)
$ 0 Bn
of organizations targeted by IoT cyber attack every week (Check Point 2023)
0 %
IoT cyber attacks in H1/2021 (Kaspersky)
0 Bn
of devices vulnerable to medium-high severity attacks
0 %


IoT Visibility and Security, for Mass-Scale, Multi-Application Cellular IoT Networks

Asset Intelligence

Get full visibility into your IoT network, including asset risk, network behavior, attributes, and usage trends

AI Threat Prevention

Protect your devices with Industry-first Coreset-AI network anomaly detection, combined with threat intelligence and rule based detection engines

Telco-Grade Platform

Privacy-compliant, multi-tenant platform suitable for any SIM-connected device and seamlessly scalable to millions of devices


“In Shield-IoT we have found a company with exciting technology that is designed to secure any grid device in any topology at scale”.


Discover how Shield-IoT is gaining traction across the IoT cybersecurity landscape and explore what  trusted experts and reputable sources say about our growing impact across a diverse range of industries.

Shield-IoT ranked by as one of the Top 10 Coolest IoT Security Companies for 2022. | April 2022.

Shield-IoT ranked by GIGAOM research as a Fast Mover in the OT and IIoT security space. | May 2023.


“Shield-IoT’s innovative approach to anomaly detection enables Akamai to provide accurate analytics at mass-scale to enhance our IoT cybersecurity and operational monitoring service”


Detect the first signs of unknown cyber attacks and operational events. 

The Shield-IoT platform analyzes device-to-cloud network traffic statistics to detect the first signs of unknown cyber attacks and operational events. The data is mirrored (out-of-band) from the Telco mobile core and detected threats are displayed on a multi-tenant dashboard, accessible via APIs to third-party systems. Threats are automatically mitigated by combining real-time actionable alerts with closed-loop prevention via existing Telco controls.


Prevent Service Impact or Downtime

Any Device and Application

Protect any IoT device, application or network with a context-free, future-ready detection solution

Seamless Deployment

Hassle-free agent-less SaaS deployment, with no need for any device installations or network changes

Unlimited Scalability

Leverage the world’s first Coreset-AI compression technology to secure millions of connected devices enabling accurate analytics at mass scale

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Discover how Telcos, MNO and MVNOs  can monitor and secure any IoT device, application and network.

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