Securing Security Cameras
and Smart City Applications

Thousands of city cameras are exposed in the field and vulnerable to physical tampering and remote attacks. This can lead to data theft, privacy violation, ransomware attacks and downtime of critical services.


Your critical infrastructure is only as strong as the weakest link

AI Threat Prevention

Detects the first signs of a cyber attack such as Man-in-the-Middle, DDoS and unknown malware before any damage can take place.

Real-Time Monitoring

Our agent-less rule-free solution secures any camera or connected smart city application at scale.

Threat Mitigation

Shield-IoT monitors device behavior continuously to generate accurate, actionable real-time alerts and enable automated threat mitigation.


Analyze device-to-cloud  communication – at scale

No Service Impact
or Downtime

Prevent any impact to cameras and devices data, operation and services.


Easy service subscription with no need for any network or device changes.

Business Risk

Ensure no impact on existing operations with out-of-band SaaS/cloud solution.


Single ‘future-ready’ solution to secure any number of city devices and connected applications.


Identify threats and risks now and in the future
Shield-IoT analyzes device-to-cloud traffic statistics, mirrored (out-of-band) from the network. Detected security events and operational anomalies are displayed on a multi-tenant UI and are accessible to third party systems via API.

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Shieild-IoT software solutions are deployed across a wide range of  industry use cases and applications. Our purpose-built IoT security management solution provides continuous threat mitigation with no changes to your network.

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