AI Anomaly Detection

Shield-IoT AI anomaly detection solution analyzes device-to-cloud communications to automatically identify the first signs of unknown cyber-attacks and operational events before any damage can take place.
The World’s First Coreset-based AI Anomaly Detection Solution
Shield-IoT delivers the world’s first Coreset-based AI anomaly detection solution that enables accurate analytics at mass scale across any IoT device, application or network. Shield-IoT is a patented technology and deployed as a SaaS service or at the IoT service provider cloud.

Operational Monitoring

Analyze device health information and applicative data to accurately the first signs of unknown operational events to boost your predictive analytics/maintenance capabilities.

Cyber Security

Analyze device network traffic metadata and additional resources to accurately detect any unknown cyber attacks to protect your mass scale multi-application device networks.

Our agent-less big data analytics software solution is highly scalable and purpose-built to monitor and protect massive multi-application IoT/IIoT networks against cyber threats such as DDoS, unknown malware, ransomware, communication hijacking, node takeover, cloud hacking, data theft, device abnormal usage, device malfunction and more.
See How Shield-IoT Works
The Shield-IoT Coreset-AI analytics anomaly detection solution analyzes network traffic metadata, in addition to other data sources such as device health, metrics and measurements data, to detect the first signs of unknown cyber-attacks and operational events.
The multi-tenant solution ensures that a single deployment can serve any number of service providers or end customer networks.

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Data is sent to the SaaS/cloud solution in a variety of methods (traffic mirroring, PCAP/CSV file transfer etc.) with no need for any changes to end customer network or the service provider cloud.
The incoming data is automatically processed (data cleaning, aggregations, feature engineering etc.) and sent to the AI engine for analysis.
Coreset compression to reduce the data from n to log(n), followed by running a set of AI and machine learning anomaly detection algorithms.
Automatically determine event type, by combining patented clustering-based labeling process with embedded domain expertise.
Real-time actionable alerts, including device id, time, event type, severity, trigger features, recommended action and more.

Results are accessible via the solution customizable dashboards and reports, and can be exported to 3rd party systems via APIs.


AI Anomaly Detection Feature Highlights
Shield-IoT delivers an end-to-end big data analytics software solution that enables accurate analytics at mass scale.

Unlimited Scalability

Monitor and protect networks of millions of devices with Coreset compression.

Any Device & Application

Context-free detection, applicable to any IoT device, application.

Accurate Detection

5-20 times more accurate in comparison to leading industry solutions

Seamless Deployment

Utilize Shield-IoT as a SaaS offering or deploy on public/private cloud

Threat Prevention

Generate actionable alerts to enable automated threat prevention and investigation

Always Up to Date

Perform automatic training with each new data set used to update normality in real time

Privacy Compliance

Analyze encryption-free metadata to comply with industry regulations.

Real-Time Streaming

Support both online real-time streaming mode and ad-hoc off-line mode..


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Shieild-IoT software solutions are deployed across a wide range of  industry use cases and applications. Our purpose-built IoT security management solution provides continuous threat mitigation with no changes to your network.

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