Coreset Technology: Unravelling The “Magic”

Coreset Technology: Unravelling The “Magic”

Much of ShieldIOT’s “secret sauce” and key differentiators are based on its unique Coreset technology. In this blog we’ll try to provide additional insights to what are coresets and why can they act as a game changer in protecting mass scale IoT networks.

Current Challenge

Today there are many good and available (off-the-shelf) artificial intelligence / machine learning anomaly detection algorithms. The challenge is that as IoT networks become larger and larger (reaching dozens of thousands, hundreds of thousands (smart cities) and now even millions of devices (smart grid, smart transportation)), using these anomaly detection algorithms on large datasets can take hours and even days, which is not an option in case of an IoT cyber attack that can take down key physical services, cause significant financial damage and even loss of life.

The Coreset “Magic”

ShieldIOT’s Coreset “magic” (based on 12+ years of MIT and Haifa academic research, 40+ academic papers) is that it enables accurate analytics at scale.  We did not invent a magical algorithm to “rule them all”. In fact, we do not directly solve the anomaly detection problem (considered by many as impossible) – instead we try to solve the data problem.

We use Coresets. Coresets are mathematical constructs that compress the data in real-time streaming mode, from 1 million to 20 data points (n to log(n)), with almost zero loss of energy. By running Coresets before applying the existing best of breed AI/ML anomaly detection algorithms, we enable reaching optimal results in minutes (vs. hours/days) as we are running on much smaller data. These optimal results include significant lower false alarms levels (false positives) as well as improved detection rates (true positives).

Existing solutions, that are not using Coresets, are forced to perform various heuristics on the data (else they can’t analyze it as it’s too big) resulting in very high levels of false alarms (in some cases over 95% false). 

The Uniqueness

The 3 main ShieldIOT Coreset unique differentiators include:

  • Unmatched accuracy: up to 20x lower false alarms vs. competitive solutions 
  • Unlimited scalability: supporting networks of millions of devices today 
  • Any device, application: the solution is agnostic across any IoT device/application (solution has been successfully used on meters, lighting, gateways, industrial sensors, car sensors, air quality sensors, HVAC….)

The Future of Coreset Anomaly Detection

ShieldIOT is the only solution today in the world that uses Coresets for anomaly detection in IoT. In fact  there are only a handful of Coresets experts in the world today, with most of them focusing on pure academic research (and not on commercial applications).

Coresets is a new and complex field in mathematics/computer science, making it extremely difficult to leverage existing academic papers as “recipes” for commercial solutions. Having said that, we expect that as IoT networks continue to grow, coresets as an enabler of accurate analytics at scale, will become a main stream IoT technology applied across multiple IoT application and networks to ensure their protection.

Press Release: September 2019

ShieldIOT Raises $3.6M Seed Round Led by Innogy Innovation Hub

ShieldIOT, an IoT security company, offers service providers network-wide cyber protection, increasing revenue streams and securing millions of connected devices.

HERZLIYA, ISRAEL, 23 September, 2019 — ShieldIOT, a leading Internet of Things (IoT) cybersecurity software company, today announced that it has raised $3.6M in a Series Seed funding round. The round was led by innogy Innovation Hub, the accelerator and venture capital arm of innogy SE, a leading German energy company. The round was joined by additional new and existing investors including Janvest Capital Partners, Danmar Capital, Minvest and private investors.

Founded in 2017 by cybersecurity and big data analytics industry experts, Udi Solomon and Ohad Levin, the Herzliya-based company leverages innovative Coreset-AI technology to help service providers protect large-scale complex IoT networks.

 “The IoT is going to shape the future of many industries, with the energy system chief amongst them,” said Dr. Christof Kortz, Director of Strategic Cyber Security Venturing at the innogy Innovation Hub. “The IoT enabled energy system will face new multi-layered and complex security challenges. In ShieldIOT we have found a company with exciting technology that is designed to secure any IoT device in any topology at scale. We are impressed by the ShieldIOT team’s vision and the strong business traction they’ve generated with customers and partners across different IoT domains such as smart cities, connected buildings, connected transportation, and smart grid security.”

ShieldIOT’s end-to-end AI-based software security platform enables service providers and utilities to secure and manage the security of any IoT device, application or network, across different verticals while generating new revenue streams.

“The Internet of Things is a new chaotic sphere, characterized by countless different devices and applications, across various IoT networks and protocols. Many of these devices were not designed with security in mind, are cost-sensitive and lack the minimum resources required for performing security functions,” said Udi Solomon, CEO, and Co-founder of ShieldIOT. “Ultimately all IoT devices connect to the network center either directly, for example over cellular networks, or indirectly via a dedicated gateway. ShieldIOT secures both channels while delivering up to 20 times reduction in false alarms, and without the need for any network changes or costly hard-to-find security expertise,” he added.

“With the exponential growth of IoT devices and use cases, they become a constant target for malicious actors and damaging cyber attacks. This makes comprehensive security controls more critical than ever” said Avner Goren, VP SOC Architecture IoT at Intel. “ShieldIOT delivers innovative solutions to secure IoT gateways and edge devices, and solves critical issues for large scale deployments such as Smart Cities, Smart Manufacturing and others”.

About ShieldIOT

ShieldIOT is an IoT cybersecurity software company, based out of Herzliya Israel. ShieldIOT’s end-to-end software security platform enables service providers and utilities to protect any IoT device, application or network and generate new revenue streams, in a single scalable platform without the need for any network changes, development resources, or unique security expertise.