Prevent 99% of events before any damage can take place.

The ShieldIOT solution includes multiple layers of security and is ideal for protection of gateways, industrial PCs and Linux-based edge devices. ShieldIOT prevents damage to device operation and safeguards connected IoT network components. The software solution includes a device-level security agent responsible for ongoing automatic protection, with a centralized security management application to be used by the IoT network operator, to easily manage the device and fleet alerts, policies, updates and overall security. 


ShieldIOT is suitable for deployment across a wide range of use cases including manufacturing, transportation, smart cities, smart buildings and utilities.


Our multiple device-level security mechanisms ensure that secured edge devices continue normal business operation even when compromised.


ShieldIOT security mechanisms are policy-based and automatically prevent 99% of events at the device level before any damage can take place.


Our centralized security management application enables network operators to manage device security and deliver value-added services to millions of devices.


Manufacturers can secure devices easily with no additional development effort and no changes to the application code, functionality or performance.

ShieldIOT provides over 120 protection types for the application, operating system and kernel.


Secure Operating System

Production-ready, linux-based operating system with dynamic defenses, minimal attack surface and automatic security updates

Device Level Firewall

Prevent device hacking, data theft and DDoS attacks with automatic prevention of unauthorized communication (IPs, addresses, ports, protocols)

Application Level Protection

Over 120 protection types including application and process isolation, protection of key resources and sensitive system directories.

Data Privacy Assurance

Smart granular encryption of sensitive data-at-rest including personal information, confidential records and device certificates

Sensor Visibility & Protection

Manage and control sensor security from the IoT Gateway including: discovery, authentication, policies and threat mitigation

Device & Fleet Monitoring

Collection and analysis of device metadata to detect anomalous activity and ensure visibility for all fleet security/operational events



Explore our purpose built security software solution and see how ShieldIOT creates value for device manufacturers and service providers.

ShieldIOT takes 2-4 weeks of one time integration, and saves up to two years of risky development and costly IT resources.


The ShieldIOT security shell provides automatic multi-layer protection for all deployed IoT devices. The ShieldIOT centralized security management enables IoT network operator to manage the device and fleet alerts, policies, updates and overall security services via a intuitive and easy-to-use interface.

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