A Single Hacked Device Can Disrupt Your Entire Network

Security threats are growing in volume and sophistication at a fast pace and it is increasingly more difficult to keep your devices, applications, network systems safe. To put your mind at ease, ShieildIOT delivers a purpose-built IoT security management solution that provides  continuous threat mitigation, with no changes to your network, no security expertise overhead, and no costly development and integration resources.

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The widespread use of smart meters for electricity, water and gas in the home and business facilities exposes utility service providers to many threats. With an estimated 700 million smart meters already deployed in Europe and the United States (2017), CEOs and security officers need to comply with increasing regulatory requirements relating to the security of critical infrastructures. The ShieldIOT solution is purpose-built to comply with all IoT security requirements and operational use cases.

  • Protect the grid
  • Secure any grid device, including smart meters, grid controls, EV charging stations and PVs, in any network topology by any vendor
  • Agent-less centralized AI Network Security anomaly detection solution with up to x20 higher detection accuracy
  • Early warning system detecting the first signs of unknown cyber attacks and operational events
  • Enabling Automated threat mitigation
  • Centralized security management and network operational visibility
  • No network changes
  • Unlimited scalability across dozens of millions of meters


Smart cities utilize different types of digital data collection sensors for efficient management of city resources, operations and services. This includes data collected from citizens, devices, and assets that is processed and analyzed to monitor and manage municipal services including traffic and transportation systems, power plants, water supply networks, waste management, law enforcement, information systems, schools, libraries, hospitals, and other community services. ShieldIOT  protects the enables security management for all smart city assets and infrastructure.

  • Secure any IoT gateway using the device-level offering or agent-less AI network security.
  • Automate threat mitigation to prevent attackers from penetrating sensitive IoT networks.
  • Ensure false operational data does not reach critical business applications.
  • Generate security alerts and update policies to ensure real-time threat mitigation for third party SIEM-SOC and device management platforms
  • Scale security management infrastructure to support multiple municipal assets and services.


New connected vehicles send operational data and safety information directly to the car manufacturer or vehicle service provider. In public transportation, including buses and trains, IoT  sensors enable fleet management and increase the safety of drivers and passengers. ShieldIOT  monitors  sensor communication data to detect the first signs of anomalous activity before any damage or impact can take place. The Shield IOT solution delivers:

  • Secure vehicles and fleets already on the road.
  • Early warning system detects the first signs of unknown cyber attacks and operational events with up to x20 fewer false alarms.
  • Automated threat mitigation through network enforcement policies.
  • Benefit from a completely agent-less solution with zero software or hardware installation in the vehicle.
  • Uncover root cause with out-of-the-box event classification.
  • Gain centralized security management and network operational visibility
  • No network changes
  • Unlimited scalability across dozens of millions of existing/future vehicles.


Building facilities need to support various  systems including cooling and heating, lighting, fire and safety systems, elevator and escalators, access control and communication. Traditionally many systems are deployed in silos and may not be connected to a central facility maintenance and control center. Driven by the need to reduce costs and optimize usage of costly assets, many buildings now deploy connected Building Management Systems (BMS). Connected buildings are exposed to many threats and a single hacked device can be used to penetrate  multiple building systems. ShieldIOT delivers a purpose-built solution to secure all building support systems.

  • Secure any connected sensor or device for each floor or fo the entire building.
  • Support any type of facility application and device.
  • Easily integrate a security solution without making changes to your existing BMS infrastructure.
  • Generate alerts for detected events and perform automated threat mitigation.
  • Manage the security of your buildings without the need for expert security professionals


Connected logistics and supply chain applications include inventory tracking, equipment and asset management, building and facility maintenance, freight, shipping and customer services. Many of these operations and services are becoming increasingly more efficient with sensor based information  such as speed, pressure, humidity, temperature, location and much more. ShieldIOT enables network service providers to deliver a complete security management solution to support any logistics operations and infrastructure.

  • Secure any connected sensor, from any vendor, across multiple logistics applications and use cases.
  • Deploy an agent-less detection solution with no network changes or device adaptation.
  • Generate real time alerts and  automated real-time threat mitigation.
  • Scale your security management system to support millions of connected sensors.



Driven by the need to achieve efficient production, lower costs and higher profitability, many industrial manufacturing facilities are becoming increasingly connected.  This requires the deployment of IoT gateways at the network edge to enable the transfer of real time operational data, from industrial controllers and HMIs systems, to various cloud/control center industrial applications. The ShieldIOT solution  enables manufacturers to secure all connected devices for the entire production chain.

  • Secure any IoT gateway using multi-level device security or agent-less AI network security.
  • Automate threat mitigation to prevent attackers from penetrating sensitive OT networks.
  • Ensure no falsified operational data is sent to critical business applications.
  • Generate alerts and update security policies directly from your on-premise control center.
  • Integrate security management with existing third party SIEM-SOC and device management platforms.
  • Support numerous manufacturing facilities, with no change to sensitive OT/Scada networks.

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