Smart Grids

The global mass scale deployment of smart grids exposes utilities to multiple new cyber threats ranging from meter data theft and fraud to cascading power outages and grid-wide blackouts. Shield-IoT enables smart grid service providers to ensure security, increase resilience, comply with regulatory requirements and reduce ongoing operational and maintenance costs.

Secure your smart grid and streamline operations – at scale

Protect Your
Smart Grid

Prevent service impact, downtime or blackouts with early detection of unknown cyber attacks and operational events.

Support Any Device
at Any Scale

Support millions of devices connected to your network including utility meters, EV charging stations, PV devices and more..

Operational Costs

Detect the first signs of faults, malfunctions or abnormal usage with built-in predictive maintenance and analytics.


“To make the grid ‘smarter’, utilities will have to improve observability and controllability of their networks”.
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smart meters deployed supporting 75% of US households (Statista 2021).
1 M
global investment in electricity grids in 2021. Expected to triple by 2030 (IEA 2021).
$ 1 B
of electrical utilities suffered shutdowns or loss of operational data Siemens-Ponemon Inst. 2019).
0.1 %


Identify Threats and Risks Now and in the Future

Shield-IoT anomaly detection protects smart grid networks and devices from inadvertent compromises of the smart grid infrastructure due to user errors, equipment failures, and natural disasters, and deliberate attacks, such as from disgruntled employees, industrial espionage, and terrorists.

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Feature Highlights

Shieild-IoT delivers a purpose-built IoT security management solution that provides continuous threat mitigation, with no changes to your network, no security expertise overhead, and no costly development and integration resources.


Seamlessly scale to support networks of millions of devices, with Coreset compression.

Any Device,
Any Application

Context-free detection, applicable to any IoT device, application


5-20 times less false alarms compared to leading industry solutions


From one week to one minute. Early detection ensuring no damage can take place.


Get out-of-the box forensic information for each event such as type, severity and triggers.


Generate actionable real-time alerts enabling third- party manual or automated mitigation.


Automatic training with each new data set to update normality in real time.


Analyze non-confidential device traffic metadata and statistics with full compliance to GDPR regulations.

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Solutions Across Mass-scale IoT Networks

Shieild-IoT software solutions are deployed across a wide range of  industry use cases and applications. Our purpose-built IoT security management solution provides continuous threat mitigation with no changes to your network.

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