Full visibility and control across large fleets of connected devices.

The ShieldIOT security manager enables  Intuitive and automated management of security events, devices, policies, updates and risk mitigation actions. The security manager is used across multiple IoT use cases, enabling network operators to ensure that ongoing security management is maintained, while enabling service providers and MSSPs to extend their existing security services to new IoT use cases to generate new revenue streams.


ShieldIOT enables your existing SOC operators to manage security services across multiple IoT use cases. The ShieldIOT solution includes complete Security Life Cycle Management capabilities including  management of security events, devices, policies, updates, logs and threat mitigation actions.

Ongoing Security

Security events, alerts, policy updates and threat mitigation actions.

Cost Effectiveness

No additional forensic security resources or unique expertise required

High Scalability

Support multiple applications, networks and millions of devices worldwide.

Low Friction

Smooth and rapid deployment with no changes to your network


Policy Manager

Create and update device security firewall application and operational policies.

Device Shadow

Manage device activities, monitor device status and metadata including logs, health traffic and alerts.

Alerts Engine

Monitor, drill-down and investigate security and operational alerts for all fleet devices.

Analytics Engine

Aggregate and analyze device logs and information to detect fleet-wide anomalies.

Dashboards and Reports

Display detailed drill down data for fleet entities, device types and locations etc.

Security Lifecycle Management

Management of security events, devices, policies, updates, logs, threat mitigation actions.

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