Cyber Security and Operational Monitoring for Device Manufacturers

Digital transformation is changing the way device manufacturers do business, from the ‘selling of hardware and devices’ to the ‘selling of solutions and software services’. Shield-IoT enables device manufacturers and leading IoT/IIoT brands to secure edge devices and offer new cyber security and operational monitoring cloud-based services to their end customers.


Shift to Solution-based Offering with Security and Operational Monitoring.
Protect against any unknown cyber threats, on any mass scale industrial device network, with cloud-level AI anomaly detection combined with gateway-level threat prevention.


Accelerate Your Digital Transformation with Cloud-based Services
Shield-IoT enables you to secure your mass scale device install base and deliver security and operational value add services to your customers.

Prevent Service Downtime

Ensure service continuity with security and operational monitoring

Gain Competitive Advantage

Deliver unique built-in cloud and device-based cyber security protection to your customers

Generate New Revenues

Upsell new cloud-based service offering to generate new revenue streams

Optimize Device Performance

Optimize network performance and reduce maintenance costs with predictive analytics anomaly detection

Any Network
Any Scale

Applicable to any customer industrial network or use case

Tailored to
Your Needs

Device agent tailored to your gateway, cloud AI and business needs


Simplify Complexity, Increase Visibility and Take Action
Analyze all security and operational events in your network with an easy-to-use, intuitive, customizable dashboards and reports. Receive actionable real-time alerts informing you what happened and providing recommended action.
1 %
of manufacturers embracing digital transformation
0.1 B
Cyber attacks in H!/2021 up by 234% compared to 2020
0.1 %
of IoT devices are vulnerable to medium-high security attacks


AI Network Anomaly Detection Flow
How It Works
The Shield-IoT solution requires no changes to the customer network.
  1. Gateway, sensor data is collected by the Shield-IoT device software agent.
  2. Collected data is sent to the customer cloud.
  3. Data sent from customer cloud to the Shield-IoT AI Analytics solution for analysis. AI solution provided as a SaaS service or deployed at the customer cloud.
  4. System generates real-time security and operational alerts.
  5. Alerts are shown in the dashboard and sent to the customer cloud or SOC provider.
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Solutions Across Mass-scale IoT Networks

Shieild-IoT software solutions are deployed across a wide range of  industry use cases and applications. Our purpose-built IoT security management solution provides continuous threat mitigation with no changes to your network.

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