The ShieldIOT solution includes multiple layers of application-level security and is ideal for protection of gateways, industrial PCs and Linux-based edge devices. ShieldIOT prevents damage to device operation and safeguards connected IoT network components. The uniqueness of ShieldIOT is that all components (including gateways, devices and sensors) continue to work even when compromised.


ShieldIOT provides “autonomous security” with multiple policy-based security mechanisms that automatically prevent 99% of all device-level security events.


Secure Operating System

Production-ready, linux-based operating system with dynamic defenses, minimal attack surface and automatic security updates

Device Level Firewall

Prevent device hacking, data theft and DDoS attacks with automatic prevention of unauthorized communication with IP addresses, ports, protocols

Application Level Protection

Over 70 protection types including application and process isolation, protection of key resources and sensitive system directories.

Data Privacy Assurance

Smart granular encryption of sensitive data-at-rest including personal information, confidential records and device certificates

Device & Fleet Monitoring

Collection and analysis of device metadata to detect anomalous activity and ensure complete visibility for all fleet security/operational events

Security Management & Control

Centralized intuitive tag-based policy configuration, distribution and enforcement for all device security mechanisms


The ShieldIOT security shell provides automatic multi-layer protection for all deployed IoT devices. The ShieldIOT centralized security management enables IoT network operator to manage the device and fleet alerts, policies, updates and overall security services via a intuitive and easy-to-use interface.


Device Shadow

Manage device activities, monitor device status and metadata including logs, health traffic and alerts.

Policy Manager

Create and update device security firewall application and operational policies.

Alerts Engine

Monitor, drill-down and investigate security and operational alerts for all fleet devices.

Analytics Engine

Aggregate and analyze device logs and information to detect fleet-wide anomalies.

Dashboards and Reports

Display detailed drill down data for fleet entities, device types and locations etc.

Security Lifecycle Management

Deploy secure images, update and deploy OS application, alerts and policies.

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