ShieldIoT Secures Urban Smart Lighting Deployments

Smart Street Lighting growth is driven by the ability of connected (smart) street lights to address the shortcoming of traditional street lights. Smart (connected) lighting systems can substantially reduce energy consumption as it can be incorporated with various sensors such as natural light sensors occupancy sensors, and motion sensors.

This is why, today, we are witnessing a huge growth in worldwide urban smart lighting deployments, driven by the need to improve lighting energy efficiency, lower operational costs and improve citizens’ wellbeing. Globally, there are about 281.4 million streetlights in the world and is expected that it will reach 338.9 million by 2025.  However, there are some caveats to this positive trend. These mass scale lighting networks/devices are not designed with security in mind, posing a threat to critical city lighting availability and infrastructure.

ShieldIoT has identified the need for securing smart lighting deployments, and have already been deployed to secure such deployment.

The Challenge

The customer is a large smart lighting service provider, providing lighting services to dozens of millions of streetlights across 85 cities worldwide. The smart lighting poles are connected to the IoT cloud via dedicated IoT gateways deployed in the field. The customer wanted to ensure that the connected gateways cannot be used to hack the cloud, potentially taking down critical lighting services across multiple cities. Furthermore, from an operational perspective, the customer had poor network visibility, with limited knowledge as to which devices are deployed, their location, which software versions are they running, operational performance and more.

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The Solution

The customer used the ShieldIOT Security Platform, with its Gateway Security and Security Manager solutions, to secure and manage the security of its lighting networks. The Gateway Security solution was used to secure existing gateways and support future deployments. Ongoing security management was achieved using the Security Manager solution.


Using the ShieldIoT platform, the lighting service provider was able to secure large lighting networks while gaining much-needed network operational visibility and control:

  • Secure large smart lighting networks and generate new revenue streams
  • Automated threat mitigation with 99% of attacks prevented at the gateway-level
  • Operational visibility and control of all gateways and connected lights
  • Centralized security management with no need for unique security expertise
  • Quick and simple deployment, with no network changes or development resources
  • Highly scalable, across millions of devices and dozens of sites worldwide
  • AI network security solution to protect future directly-connected lighting devices (no gateway)

To read the full case study please contact us.

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